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Addicted to Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and anything comic book related. I'll treat you like the Flash to my Green Lantern but never pull a Tony Stark on ya and tell ya where I live.

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I wanna write in crayons now….

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I’ve been feeling a little antisocial lately

People who have no business critiquing someone else&#8217;s artwork when they have no room to talk. They don&#8217;t give good advice and don&#8217;t know what they are talking about. Just shut up. You don&#8217;t know everything so get over it. 
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starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours


He is not Scottish enough to be Shrek. Get Austin Powers back.

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Warburton for Shazam. 
If you haven&#8217;t heard, Shazam is getting his own movie to add to the DC Universe. However, and no sham on Dwayne Johnson who is in line for the thunder throne, I think Patrick Warburton, voice of Kronk in Emperor&#8217;s New Groove and Joe Swanson on Family Guy would make a better fit for the role.
He looks like Shazam, has played a hero before, The Tick, and is down right funny. Shazam has a child&#8217;s immaturity that very few adults can handle. Whether Johnson is right for the role is not in question here because I know he has done comedy before and could probably pull the immaturity part off. But given Shazam&#8217;s normal appearance that is referenced more from Billy Batson&#8217;s look as well as the Greek Gods, Warburton would be #1 in appearance. I have two friends who agrees and are pretty dead set on Warburton, that there would be no better fit for the role than him. 
I understand why they picked Johnson, his build. The were set on a body builder who could fit the frame and physical elements of Shazam but aside from that, his looks are entirely a different matter. I am not talking race here, I am talking hair, acting for the part such as the immaturity, facial features, and build all rolled into one.
Considering, my word is not enough to sway the opinions of DC&#8217;s choice in picking Johnson, I will roll with the idea of Johnson for Shazam but he better do a damn good job at Shazam&#8217;s characteristics, personality, and childlike charm to win me over. I can look pass looks if the acting is done right but considering Shazam&#8217;s canon look and feel, Warburton is pretty much the living embodiment of Shazam.
But who will be Billy in comparison to Johnson? Will Billy look like a younger version of Dwayne or actually look like Billy Batson to confuse people even more. I always thought Billy had the greatest secret identity and Superman had the worst. No one would expect a kid to be a really masculine, strong hero shooting lightning bolts. And no one would believe him unless given a demonstration. But no one will be willing to stand that close to a bolt that can strike twice in the same location. 
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Sorry for the fangasm, but goddamn this man is twisting the very fabric of my attractions to men. But then again Wade is the twisted type.