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I am a secret agent hero who invades the internet and sets his glowstick nun chucks to stun, immobilize never kill.

Addicted to Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and anything comic book related. I'll treat you like the Flash to my Green Lantern but never pull a Tony Stark on ya and tell ya where I live.

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Whitney "Kaz Eremos"
26, Texas

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Sure Haru…



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Okay, but real question is, what is Kisumi’s spirit animal?

My guess is he is either a jellyfish because his hair is so flippy and his touch just stings Haru like no other. Or he is an Octopus, a pink, little octopus, and all he wants is hugs but again his touch just sticks to people and hard to get off but annoying to the touch. Plus Octopus can live outside of water, but they do need to be wet. We have yet to see him in water so he could be something close the sea but not necessarily always in it. 

We haven’t seen a Starfish yet either. Or Narwhals. Seal? We have Sea otter, but not seal or sea lion yet. Or SEAHORSE! I love seahorses. His little brother should be a seahorse because they are itty bitty just like him! <3

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Who’s “them”?
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