The True Deal

I am a secret agent hero who invades the internet and sets his glowstick nun chucks to stun, immobilize never kill.

Addicted to Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and anything comic book related. I'll treat you like the Flash to my Green Lantern but never pull a Tony Stark on ya and tell ya where I live.

if ya like what you see then like, reblog, or add me to your friends. I don't have laser eyes. Wish I did, that would be so cool!

Whitney "Kaz Eremos"
26, Texas

-- Pansexual --
-- Post-Genderist --
--Unitarian Universalist -- -- Centrist Liberal --

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What’s your superhero name?

Human Victim of Capitalism

Human Cancer Patient.

It is I, the Corpse On Life Support!!!!! ahahahahaI sound more like a villain…

i am the magnetic victim of capitalism

never fear, the cop who gets away with murder is here

Just Another Tumor Flower

Magnetic Customer Service Representation. I am a super villain that makes static on our calls leaving you unsatisfactory with your service. You&#8217;re welcome. &lt;3
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It wasn’t superhero related, trust me I have seen a lot of those within the past few months. But what was this movie? All I can gather is that it is fairly popular, doesn’t have to be the best movie out there, not one of those family drama movies, not a romantic comedy, I think I was thinking about Thor Dark World which I recently saw, Recently saw Rise of the Guardians, fairly recent, and probably doesn’t have a lot of gore or shooting in it….gosh damn what was it!! Dx

What was it?!

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for my dearest wadey, i found this among the treasure troves of the internet for you. 

Ryan Reynolds would totally say this. &lt;3
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FINALLY OAOok, finally I passed all exams and then rest a little bit &gt; 3 &gt;and….and finished this pagesorry for the delay &lt;:3

Omg! :3 squee! So cute!
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Well would you look at that, it’s the sketch that I struggled with for nearly half of the stream ´v`;; Thank you for being so patient with me!
Inspired by this post :D